July 15th, 2005



Thanks everybody who came join us in Bin Tang, it was all very good, i did miss a few people who weren't and i'm wondering now whether i did invite them (oops) but it was a very good night, perhaps apart from mis_appropriate's chicken that didn't seem to be up to usual Bin Tang standard (that is, cooked). Much wine was consumed, I had to put up with all the same jokes about age and ageing again, had a very good time with friends -perhaps should have examined the bill more carefully but by that time i was not in a condition to examine or calculate anything...

Afterwards we decamped to Quinn's, where lydiamorgan and zenithed joined us. Lydia, I've got the bag with furry thing you left behind, how do i get it to you? And someone (i suspect irisetta) left a book behind, a copy of Isabel Allende's 'Portrait in Sepia'. All enquiries to the Lost Property desk...
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Bin Tang flavbday dinner pix

the pictures are here

There seems to be a high likelihood that I'll be going to Synthetic Culture, at least for a bit, so it is possible that I'll see some of you there, to continue celebrating...

Thanks again to all who came, apologies for those I thought I'd invited, err... my brain is no longer what it never was....!