August 11th, 2005


the rest of wednesday

After the wandering and the Literary Cafe thing in the morning, I went In the afternoon withbellajonez and Peter C (who used to be a producer for the BBC and has lots of interesting stories) on a reccie field trip around Kensington Olympia, looking for cheap exotic restaurants for the u.c.s.m. newsgroup's dinner after the Mac Expo in November [1]. We tramped around, had a look end enquired in various interesting looking Persian [2] restaurants ("can you withstand a party of 24 geeks descending on you on a Friday evening?"), went to a Persian sweet shop(danger..) and ended up in a noodle bar -cheap and tasty, which is right up my street. Took the bus back, stopped at the Dev. A quiet day involving lots of walking, meeting with friends and finding nice corners of London and cheap interesting eating places. Not wildly exciting, certainly not like chelseachainsaw's stories :D, but a chilled out pleasant day nonetheless [3]...

[1] Now I realise that Mac Expo is not in November but in October and clashes with Whitby... and I am going to Whitby..

[2] They're all 'Persian', not 'Iranian' restaurants. One feels it might be rude to ask why....

[3] apart from all that walking, tramping all around London. But I like London.