August 12th, 2005


quiet Friday

A very quiet day with no lessons, just some guitar practice, maybe trying to finish a piece I've been doodling with in Logic and, later on, B-Movie. I suppose in the meantime I could attempt the impossible Sisyphean task of tidying up this place.....

Last night was another dinner at the Flavabode, with irisetta, morgwll, Ricardo and Adine enduring my culinary .. hm, productions... Much wine was consumed, I tortured them with a background of the DVD of 'Buena Vista Social Club', first and, then, 'The Seventh Seal'. Whilst Buena Vista makes for good dinner party background, Bergmann's gothic, intense story of the chess game between Death and a knight returning from the Crusades to a Sweden ravaged by the Black Plague [2] is not always such a great idea :D :P. Fantastic movie, one of the best of all time perhaps, but light entertainment it ain't, unless you try to spot the many piss takes, lampoons and quotes that absolutely every film maker has done of it after[3].

[1] well, Adine didn't eat. Wise girl.
[2] A bundle of laughters, as you can see.
[3] Including Monty Python, lots of things by Woody Allen, 'Bill and Ted' and even the Beatles..
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