August 29th, 2005


Return from Infest

It was a good week-end, if perhaps not as memorable as other Infests. It was good to meet again so many friends, some of whom, like scarletkitti and jacoby_swift, I hardly have a chance to see at other times, because of distance or other reasons. Missed not seeing Collapse ) who weren't there this year, as well.

Musically it seemed to be a bit less interesting for me this year. There were Collapse )

The other little thing was Collapse )

One note about the Collapse ). Then there were a few things happening to other peeps, like kotenok's wallet disappearing and then turning up, minus the money... not good.. I may comment t about the bands when I've mulled a little more about it.

Photos will ensue, when I have sorted out any that might be worth the while putting up. I took about 850 pictures, but most of them are just rubbish....

[ Edit ] Just re-read this and it is too whingey. It was very good. I liked Po(w)der Pussy, HIV+ (although I didn't think much of the + + gimmick, much as I may have liked the display. I'm sure there is a good explanation there somewhere). There was lots of good music, very good friends around, some partying afterhours (must not bring the car next year...).
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