October 23rd, 2005


on this day...

... first of all, Happy Birthday, kajia!! hope you have a fantastic one.

Went to the Slimelight last night.. it was a bit meh, came back at about 3:15, took the 412 while my flatmates Ricardo and Bernie were shouting at me from the other side of the street (Ricardo had driven, they were leaving and it made sense, I suppose, to go with them instead of taking a bus *)... and i never saw them or heard them..

Going to the market for Collapse ). Then I should have a couple of lessons if they don't get cancelled. Then try to diminish the concentration of entropy in my room, do a little guitar practice, muck around with Logic, maybe go to the Dev or Quinn's if anybody is going to the latter..

* except night bus rides can be quite exciting affairs. Of course it depends on whether some dodgy drunken geezer asking you whether you're one of 'em goffs while belching toxic highly flammable fumes in your direction is your idea of exciting. Not that this happened this particular time. cyberglamour's friends were on the bus, but I don't know them, really, so I said hello from the distance.