November 14th, 2005

dreamscape with moon 1

the weekend that was

Friday, after lots of driving around going to pupils and stuff, involved B-Movie, which was good. Didn't stay long as, after the previous week's little episode, I needed to be awake and with it on what seemed to be going to be a very busy Saturday, so came back at some point after 1:00 but relatively early. Saturday brought lessons.. and cancellations and, although I wasn't planning on going, Slimelight: silkyfish and dj_gassmann phoned me and said the magic word so I had to go and meet them at the Slime. I see them so seldom now that they moved to Godalming-on-the-Sticks. Sunday was relatively quiet, with a couple of visit lessons, finding myself trapped in a horrendous traffic jam in Central London, and a wonderful dinner with friends WOLJ. And then it was over and it was Monday again....