November 21st, 2005


Happy Birthday..

.... cyberpunkgrrl and (slightly belatedly) gaius_octavian!
Hope you have/had/will have a fantastic time.

Good morning..! not as cold as the Met Office predicted, it seems. Still difficult to get up, though. Bongo banging hippie was at it again last night, he should go to the same place kotenok is sending her neighbour.. Now there's roadworks right outside our place.... good morning! Now, coffee and croissants before lessons.

[ Edit ] Now a car alarm outside. Perfect.

Paradise City

Teaching a pupil to play G'n'R's 'Paradise City'. Had forgotten about this song, how easy it is and how strangely satisfying it is to play cheesy rock (aganst my beter taste, or sumfin :P).. also, brings up images of B-movie and alabastamasta jumping up and down dancing on the stage...
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    'Paradise City' - g'n'r and pupil