December 15th, 2005

dreamscape with moon 1

cry of the dying star in the depths of space

Met with Anthar, this Colombian guy who I know from the Slimelight and the goth circles; he is a musician, quite a good pianist/keyboardist from what I saw and a countertenor (very broad, very high voice register, normally countertenors specialise in early music), he made me listen to some of the music he's done on his computer -which was quite good... but then he picked up this sort of bronze mortar and pestle and started producing this whistling noise by rubbing the rim of the mortar with the pestle near the microphone, occasionally using it also as a percussion instrument and chanting and singing on top of that... and produced the most fantastic, eerie music, all out of the top of his head impromptu and easily the best live music I've seen for quite a while.... accompanied by just a metal mortar and pestle! he wants me to get involved in a project of his, making music with him, this could be very very interesting.....

Had lunch in Quinn's, first time I eat there... and it was good. Half the price of what I would have paid next door, for a comparable lunch. And the nice Belgian beer..

There's a couple of things happening tonight, but I'm not sure I can go to either. There's kesblondie's band gig in Madam Jo-Jo's. It's a good show, worth the while going to, but i'm not feeling up to much tonight. Then there's andyravensable's drinks at the Alwyne Castle in H&I. Not sure I know where that is...

[ Edit ] Ok, ok, so it's not a bowl, or a mortar, but a Tibetan singing bowl... or so I'm informed:P