January 6th, 2006

dreamscape with moon 1

while the stars above

Have just bid fareweill to reddragdiva, arkady(and Marius) and barbedwirekiss and walk away through the frozen London night, the dark, cold water of the canal whispering under the bridge, the freight train, blacker than the black night, moans its fate along the bridge overhead. It's been a good night at the Dev, like there used to be and I walk into the night towards home. It's been a good night... tomorrow, who knows? But tomorrow doesn't matter just now, we'll deal with that when it comes, just now I'm alive and taking in big gulps of the cold air of the winter night. I walk past the African minicab office, they are playing lutes and drums and sing, and I smile; I am of this moment, this shabby North London street my tiny little corner of the universe just for now. It is a good night.