January 15th, 2006

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Happy Birtthday, wiccabird! and other red things

As per the subject. Happy returns should be addressed to the Returns Dept, together with a cover letter.

Went to the Big Red last night for the multiple birthday. It was a generally good night, I caught up with a few people, had interesting conversations with a couple of them, but was feeling a wee bit sort of out of it, for some reason; kind of detached. Eventually they all headed off for various parties and the Slimes and I just came back home. I'm withgaius_octavian on one point: the beer is vastly better in Quinn's. Therein lies the true path:P

Today I have one lesson (but I have to go to it and it is in Stamford Hill:/) and have to sort out my accounts for the accountant as time is running out for the tax thing. Exciting life....