February 16th, 2006


embarrassing moments of our time, part 9283....

So, my friend was showing me around Valencia's historic town centre, we're near the Town Hall and I, bag in one hand, camera in the other, lose my footing on a cobblestone and fall over. As I fall, I try to grab onto a parked car next to me, but fail. Something flies in the air and falls in a drain, it's a UV filter fallen off from the camera. My friend helps me stand up, we rescue the filter, I want to make sure I didn't damage the camera but my friend gently but firmly pulls me away so away I limp. After a while, my friend says "You know what that car was, that you just scratched?" "Scratch? Did I scratch a car?" "Yep, big one, all down the side; the big Mercedes Benz with little flags and official licence plates...."
whitby gull

in case anyone might be interested.

Pictures from my visit to Alicante here. There's no-one there you know, mind you, and I haven't put captions on the pictures so you don't get to know yet. But just in case.
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