February 20th, 2006

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Happy Birthday, reddragdiva and arachne (and other week-end stories)

.... only just on time, in the case of the former.

Weekend was generally good. Didn't make it to SC, in the end. Just as well, I had a very busy Saturday teaching. Went to the Slime which involved catching up with gigib and talking with noondaydemon about music. More things may come out from that conversation, I was only half aware that she's a drummer.

Quiet Sunday. Just back from the Dev, where I ran into delomelas and mock2, commenting on the dancing girls and the virtues of South London... then with cyberglamour, panzerbjrn and haloj. A very quiet Dev but not a bad evening.

Fairly free in the daytime tomorrow apart from a lesson at 2:00, so if anyone wants to meet for lunch...

Ableton Live

Bought an M-Audio Ozone, which comes with a much crippled version of Ableton Live, which I had never used before (no, really). I'm still finding it rather alien and a bit difficult to get to grips with. I can see it has possibilites... but cannot get my head around it just yet..