March 2nd, 2006


Right, rid of the schools for another week....

... now my proper working week begins, actually, in a way. Should have five (short) lessons later, barring cancellations (but one should always count on 25-30% of lessons cancelled on any one day...)

Tomorrow I think I'd like to go back to

Dead and Buried

since I have not been for a month or two and although I'm not really that much a 'deathrock' fan (sorry Nik) but I do like the ambiente there a lot ...

on the other hand, I suspect long-time-no-see friend I'm meeting tomorrow will want to go to Inferno. We'll see.

Wil be in Quinn's tonight for a bit, meeting another friend (who has already been refused service at the Dev because of dress code, so the Dev might not be an option tonight...), if anyone happens to be around we can celebrate (or commiserate, any excuse) with Angelus [1].. (which, according to the Dinosaury, is some bit of Collapse )

[1] The beer, which is indeed angelical.