March 8th, 2006

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and a lovely morning it was

... as I was leaving the house this morning at 7:00am there comes this large man and asks me (very loudly and two inches away from my face) if I HAD SOME CHANGE, CAN I HAVE SOME CHANGE. I said I didn't have any and the man followed me for a bit, which was a bit unnerving, say. After a while I turn to look and the man is standing there in the middle of the road, peeing in full view of London.

The day did get better, but not by much.
dreamscape sepia

horses -more strange happenings in the world of flavio...

I was coming back from Surrey, getting to the end of the M40 where it becomes the A40, when the traffic ground to a halt. Many cars a few dozen metres ahead had their emergency lights on and were performing strange swerving maneouvres. Then I saw the first of them. Horses: there were about a dozen horses on the carriageway, some running between the cars, some just stood there, right there in the middle, most of them trotting together, in circles and probably terrified... (but who knows)