March 25th, 2006

dreamscape sepia

the asteroid and triple bookings..

Reading the 'Short Story of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson, which tends to make you wonder how we (humans, life, the earth) managed to make it this far. Fascinating little book (although people do seem to be finding inaccuracies in it). It also brings home how much of what we know, or think we know, about our world and how we came to be here is very recent stuff. And how much more we don't know -and perhaps couldn't get to know, as there might well be limits to what we can get to understand (especially on a Sunday morning, say..)

So, in the meantime and if the asteroid doesn't hit us, a supernova hasn't exploded in the vicinity or a super-virus is just about to make a grand appearance in the world stage tonight, barring any of those things I have to: meet some friends for dinner in Merkato, an Ethiopian restaurant on Caledonian Road, -attend madbird's birthday party (no costume, Bird, I'm afraid I'll have to go as me) and would like to go to stlj as well if I can make it. We'll see....