April 20th, 2006

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the days ahead

Just ran into blackberryqueen and hotel_noir on Kentish Town Road, which was nice, except that she has a very bad cold. They were off to the Mediterranean café for breakfast -would have joined them but was skint (well, I am skint).

It will be a quiet day, today, just a few lessons in the evening. Then will be going to the Dev for the H P Lovecraft special and mark13's birthday drinks (which may happen there or in Quinn's); tomorrow, more lessons and Dreadnought and, possibly (since I don't have a very early start on Saturday) Synth Cult at the Egg. Saturday will be interesting; there's Antilight, of course, which I will attend, and the Slime has this free membership thing (but I don't think I'll be going there this Sat, offer or not).

Sunday... we'll see. Too early to plan that far ahead.

[ Edit ] Ok, ok, maybe not Dreadnought, then... since it's next week...