April 21st, 2006


divided loywlties

Last night was a very good night, or two: Firstly, there was the Lovecraft night at the Dev, which was good if a bit packed. Was straining hard to hear Patricia's piece on Lovecraft but between the sound system producing almost constant feedback and rumble, and the audience not paying any attention but carrying out their conversations louder still (to overcome the sound system, I suppose -but this is a pub, I suppose; you can't expect otherwise), it was a bit difficult to follow the thread. Would like to see a transcription. Robyn said they were filming it, which would be good but wouldn't take away the difficult sound.

Then I moved to Quinn's for mark13's birthday drinks, in excellent company, too many to list. Photographic evidence will follow later today. I will gratefully accept bribes for the removal of embarrassing pictures :P
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