April 22nd, 2006


good sunny morning to all!

Well, not that I'm getting much benefit from it, I'm stuck here teaching till 5:00 pm, although I do have a couple of breaks. A couple of cancellations today, one of an early lesson -so maybe I needn't have come back so early from Mark's...

Interesting batch of pupils I have these days, from 7 years of age to 73, some very, very good, a couple of them busy recording artists. I'm not as busy as I'd need to be in order not to get caught by cash-flow crises on holidays, etc, but getting better, which is good. And it's sunny and warm (well, relatively) outside, so it's good.

Last night I didn't , after all, go to Synth Cult, but instead ended up at mark13 's and red_laurie 's for futher celebrations of his birthday. They were quite pleased, it seems, that I did not have a camera with me...

And, lydiamorgan, "in the wolf's mouth..." hope you made your flight on time and all goes swimmingly.
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    Villa-Lobos Prelude No 1, played by pupil