April 27th, 2006

slippery when wet

Peachykeen and other stuff.

That's that tiny bar on Kentish Town Road, I must walk past the place at least twice a day and never noticed it much. We gathered there last night for the belated (I first wrote that as 'bleated..') birthday celebration for _abby_ and gothique1. Amazing you could put so many people in such a tiny basement, it felt like gatecrashing in somebody's living room or bedsit party (there was a bed!).

When we were kicked out, some of us decamped to Quinn's, from where in the end I found myself in my living room talking about music and stuff with andylan and mupstasia. Getting up at 5:00 am today was never going to happen...

I took lots of pictures but I don' really like a single one, for some reason. Will go through them again later and see.

Ah! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to red_woman_red
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