May 18th, 2006

dreamscape with moon 1

Happy Birthday, bellajonez!!

Have a lovely time.....

In fact, not sure she will be reading this at all, but I'll be joining her for a bithday meal later on tonight at an excellent Ethiopian reastaurant in Caledonian Road.

ION, I'm still puzzled -or rather, disappointed, that whilst I sort of brought back to life _neophyte's iPod (but be warned, it won't last), the songs disappeared -not before I copied them across to my computer but they seemed to be corrupted and no program I have could read them or even identify them as .mp3 files. I suspect the hard disk's directory must have been well trashed....

There's Synth Cult tomorrow. I don't think I'll be going but hey, I just might. But Saturday should be quite busy, with quite a few lessons (if all is well) and, in the evening, the Tiger Lilies, Antilight and the Slime. There does seem to be lots going on this week-end, with TG as well and I'm sure there are other things that have escaped me. You cannot, alas, be everywhere at once.