May 22nd, 2006

flav vsnap 1

another week-end, another monday

Rain outside, a screech of brakes and a exchange of insults between a big guy in a little Corsa and another one in a huge BMW armoured personnel carrier 4x4.

Week end was good, apart from a rather quieter Saturday than I expected, work-wise. In the evening went to see Tiger Lilies at the Soho Theatre, thanks to lourens who in the end didn't seem to make it there. It was an excellent show, extremely funny, sad, thought-provoking and disturbing, sometimes all of these things at the same time. Not a band to go and see if you get easily offended, esp. on religious issues; otherwise, don't miss them if you get the chance. The lot of reprobates friends I was with parted then in different directions, many to TG, others to a birthday party (I think). I went to Antilight, which was very good. Took many pictures but almost all of them are rubbish. Had a very good time, though. From there I went to Slime, Collapse ). By half past four I'd had enough, said my farewells to Uwe and Sarah and came home. Woke up at 9:00 am ... which is a bit wrong; spent the day doodling around with Logic Express and in the evening went to the Dev for the meeting in memory of James elvishitler. When I came back I had a long conversation for over an hour with my cousin Iliada in Alicante which inevitably, after the deaths of a friend and a member of the family, were a bit reflective and perhaps a bit somber, but very interesting and will probably transcribe what I remember of our discussion elsewhere (probably here at some point).

Monday is good, only have a few lessons later. My 'Monday' will be tomorrow, when I have to get up at 6, drive to Watford, teach there all day and come back just in time for a lesson in Tuffnell Park at 9:00 pm....

lourens, I seem to owe you some money for the Tiger Lilies ticket, let me know when/how you want to sort this.