June 12th, 2006

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Happy Mondays....

Got up a little while ago, booked a doctor's appointment for later this morning (that knee is giving me hassle, especially since samara_666 caught me unawares at the previous Antilight, jumped on me (maybe I should rephrase that) and we both went to the floor as my knee gave in. Had a stroll around Kentish Town, breakfast at the Portuguese deli, off to the surgery in a minute and then nothing untii first lesson at 2:00 pm. I like Mondays, these days.

Now, Tuesdays are another matter entirely...

Aaah, and Happy Birthday, darcy_, wherever you are hiding these days!:)
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Finsbury Park pictures

From Saturday, here

There also were two picnics of friends happening on that day, pity I couldn't attend more than one thing. I take they all went well. .Finsbury Park was fun, ran into Maureen , mark13, redlaurie, cython, Rev spencerw and a bunch of other people. Saw the bands for a bit, ate some Asian food, drank a few Guinnesses, chatted and had a good time.

In the evening went to Antilight; this time I only took a few pictures of the band, which are not up yet but came up better than the rather dismal collection of pictures I managed the previous time. Had a very good time, saw a lot of lovely people including samara_666 and.... way too many to list.

Today is going well, although I prefer my Mondays a little less warm. Watermelon looks like a good idea, although that picture is probably not a good idea , sori about any trauma caused...
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