July 6th, 2006

watermelon flav

Birthday stuff - my own, next week.

Given that on the 14th of July I should commemorate one more year of my arriving in this world, I would like to share a moment with those of you that can come along and so will be doing the by now traditional meal in Bin Tang on the Friday itself. I would need to know what numbers to expect, so would like to know if you are able to come, etc. Bin Tang can be quite economic although they are trying to slap the 'party menu' on me, which I'm trying to resist. It is a bring-your-own-bottle place, so you can, well, bring your own bottle.They charge something like a pound for 'decorking' which is not too bad.

The idea would be to take over the garden, eat, drink and be merry and then decamp to either b-movie or Quinn's.

I would like confirmation of attendance so I can have an idea of numbers,, etc. I have booked the place for 35 people which might be a bit over-optimistic..... although last year we had over 25 at some point.