July 18th, 2006

flavtie IR

Is Watching You

I think I had a lucky encounter with Big Brother. I don't mean the stupid human zoo TV series but the real thing, and a sneak preview of how things could really go wrong with 'him'.

I got pullled over by the police on the motorway. Perhaps twenty seconds or so elapse, then police officer comes over, I roll the window down. He asks "What's your name?". "Sorry?" "What is your name?", "Flavio Matani". Ok, sir. He scribbles something. When I ask him he explains that his patrol car has a camera that reads and processes number plates. And my car appears in the DVLA database as having no registered keeper. What saves me is that they also have access to the insured cars register and I appear there as being the owner and insured to drive it, etc. Hence the asking my name. So he tells me to call the DVLA so they sort thsi out, and to accelerate on the hard shoulder until I reach 70 mph and then join the carriageway on lane number one.

As I drive away I get this feeling that I only just escaped getting caught in the cogs of the Machine....