August 28th, 2006



Arriving back just now. Infest was good, heard some good music, danced a bit (not very much this yeat), caught up with some folk I hadn't seen for a while and met some new people and hung out with teh chums but didn't go to any aferparties (I still ended up in someone''s kitchen talking b*s till some very late hour). Did miss some peeps who have been there in previous years...

The journey up was swift and eventless, took me exactly four hours. The journey back looked like it would take me less than 3 1/2 when.... I hit the roadworks in Luton on the M1 `(with serious accident three miles ahead) and spent as much time on those three miles as on the whole of the previous part of the journey.

Strangely I haven't got that empty feeling I always get when I'm back from a festival or spending time away. Just a bit tired from the driving but quite fine. Thinking of how I can transform and use some elements of things I heard into my own music doodles -although that doesn't mean I'm about to make power-noise tracks.

Dev later, in all probability. But not before long nap and long shower.. and beginning to sort out my pixures from the festival. I had a lesson booked for today but came back to find a message cancelling it..

And, last but not least, Happy Birthday, purplestuart!