August 30th, 2006


the world outside..

There's builders on the ledge of the building, repairing the bit of roof above the pharmacy downstairs. They have been at it, with noisy machinery and shouting at one another, since, don't know, some very early hour. As I spent half the night talking to family and friends half way across the world (skype is a good thing -for the most part) and have a rather busy day today, this is not a good development...

ION, there seems to be the birthday today of zenithed and barbedwirekiss. Happy Birthday!!
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The Fox and other stories

It has already been said: this is in all probability useless but there's no harm in trying, I suppose:

. Petition to save the Intrepid Fox.

On a different note, Collapse )

On yet another note, Collapse ) and your invisibility cloak could get stolen!

Yep, I'm still at home. Another lesson cancelled, so I don't have to be out before midday. Mixed blessing but ok.

Some of my Infest pictures....

... here.

For some reason Fotopic is not letting me add captions to the pictures, which is a bit of a pain... tried in two browsers in different computers and the edit page just hangs and times out. I may repost them elsewhere. There they are for now, anyway.

As usual, help with names (and caption suggestions) is welcome although at present, as I said, I'm having difficulty with adding captions to the pictures.