October 9th, 2006


Only just in time....

Happy Birthday, hotel_noir!! Hope you're having a fantastic one.

After the panne avec la voiture -if that's how you say it, my French is non-existent-, Saturday was good, involved a few lessons and later Invocation, which was a good night. I retired early, failed to see gothique_1 who I thought would be there. Yes, yes, I took a few pictures but they're rubbish and probably won't post them. Sunday went to the British Museum with my friend Ivon from Mexico, she seemed to like it. Again, took a few pictures wich are somewhere in my iweb pages. In the evening went to the Dev, had a good time there, went home. Today has been very quiet, which is ok. I believe I had a cold starting, but after nine hours sleep last night and doing not much today it seems to have disappeared.

I do seem to be very tired a lot of the time, which is not good. No agesit jokes, please.

Tomorrow, getting up at 6:00, going to Watford, teaching there until about 8:30 pm. Hm.