October 23rd, 2006



On BBCThree... this was a mistake, it is now 2:43 AM and still wide awake having just watched the first two episodes and now a sort of 'the making of'. I like it so far, I can allow myself to suspend disbelief... well, apart from the man-in-a-suit monster. I'll be watching more of it at some point. Oh, no... me watching television, the horror.

Happy Birthday, kajia!!

Remind me, are you doing anything for your b'day?

Seria bueno verte, llámame cuando puedas....

In other news, more lessons cancelled but new pupils also so things more or less balanced (precariously, but life is like that).

What are people doing for this coming week-end? (those of us, that is, who are not Whitbying) I might go to Fright, haven't decided on anything else yet.