October 27th, 2006

flavtie IR

a sunny day

Sitting waiting for pupils to arrive, catching up with email, sending a recorded guitar part to somebody I'm playing some flute and guitar duets together with -who I have never met. Strange times.

Last night: gathering at Quinn's for dangermonkey's birthday, which was a good celebration. I was converted to Catholicism -er, no, only to German Catholic beer -yum.. They went on to the Slaab to carry on partying but that wasn't really an option for me. Althuogh my 10:00 am pupil still hasn't turned up at 10:32 am.... hm...

Later today: more lessons, then MacExpo and dinner with the u.c.s.m. lot after the Expo at an Ethiopian restaurant in Sheperds Bush, then probably Fright Club.

Ah, and Happy Birthday, cython and kaerasta! The latter is having such a hard time of late, travelling all across Russia, Mongolia, China and the Far East, sending us an amazing photographic trail of her travails...