November 4th, 2006



LJ seems to have been very broken all morning; at least here, it won't even let me log in through the web, although it does let me get in via a client program. Therefore I cannot check my friends' page (oh no!) or any comments that anyone may have sent here on to flavio_matani. suebeedoo seems to think everybody deleted her from their friends' list. No, you're not that bad :P....

The error message I was getting this morning was

Sorry, there was a power implosion at our datacenter.

We're working as fast as we can to get it back pronto!
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Ah, yes

In view of the previous (LJ implosion) if anyone needs to contact, it is better to phone or text or email. Or skype, or go round to my house and ring the bell.

But of course this assumes that you can read this, so it feels a bit like the old one, 'Shout if you can't hear me...'