November 10th, 2006


Happy Birthday, purr_sephoni! and other week-end stories...

Celine had two birthdays in a week? Wow..

Talking of which, here's my photos of Celine's birthday drinks ar the Rochester on Tuesday, and of Anna's birthday drinks at Quinn's last night.

And here also some geeky Mac rumbling about Rumsfeld,

A couple of things from the Register and the BBC: on the same line of things, Guy Kewney sues Microsoft for sabotage. On a different note, for those of you enthralled to the Office and the Boss's remodelling of strategic corporate targets, there;s this thing, on office anti-jargon. Probably appropriate for a Friday afternoon.

Very skint this week-end (combination of me paying some people and some other people not paying me..) so not sure whether I can even make B-Movie or anything else tonight or tomorrow. Normal service will be promptly resumed as the technical difficulties are resolved.