November 13th, 2006

flav has  left the chat

a very quiet week-end

Not out of choice. Of the five people who were due to pay in the last few days -not one did. So, last night I couldn't even go to the pub to have a pint, let alone go to any of the clubs on offer. One of those things about being self-employed, I suppose.

Today was a little better, if only because I had a couple of lessons and paid. So I went with Ivonne on one of those hop-on, hop-off cruises on the Thames ('cruise' is not the right word when you sit in a boat that's pretty much like the commuter catamarans in the Isle of Wight). I learnt a couple of things about that stretch of London from the commentary, which was good. I love London and its history -even if I'm glad I didn't have to live through most of it, like the big fire and the Blitz...

In the evening today I went to the Dev, met with fenbane, avaragariel and londonjon , amongst quite a few others, then stopped at Quinn's for a good chat and catch up with bluehelen and gypseymission.

And tomorrow will be a Monday. No, it _already_ is a Monday... and, happy birthday, yog_sthoth, I know it wasn't very good last night, wish I could have been there -and hope it gets better.