November 20th, 2006

dreamscape sepia

week-end, end of another..

It was a very good week-end. Went to STD and, apart from the bar prices, had a very good time. Saturday came with a couple of lessons cancellled. In the night I went to the Slimelight for the first time in quite some time which was good. I seem to appreciate it a little better if I don't go that often.

Sunday, apart from music, shopping and a couple of lessons, was very quiet. Went to the Dev in the evening which was very, very good. Good to catch up with peeps -too many to list. The evening ended up with a very long conversation wth gypseymission. Arren, sorry about the long stories from the dim and distant past!

just back...

...from gig by The Adenoids, androktone's band, and the Thought Criminals, at the Dublin Castle. The sound as always between bad and terrible but that's always the way at the Dublin Castle, I find. The gig, great great fun. More detail tomorrow if I find the time and an internet connection, which is unlikely.

Have to get up at 6:00 am and my last lesson finishes at 10:00 pm. I so should have stayed in. Never mind...