December 13th, 2006



Nah, the Xmas Dinner of Doom at the Rochester was fantastic. Pity I had to stay sober for several reasons -and had to make two disappearing acts, one to go to the Dev pick up an acoustic amplifier from Barrington -who made it back with me to the Roch, in time to see the marauding hordes singing Happy Birthday Baby Jesus again, and more carols, and miss_soap singing 'Jerusalem' (she has a beautiful singing voice, there's so much about people that you don't know). Also, I stupidly didn't charge my camera's battery so it decided to die just as I had in frame the perfect shot of andykniftonstanding with a loudhailer haranguing the masses exhorting the presents to sing the praises of m** f** baby jesus...

Today, lessons and guitar and a few errands. Should be a quiet day.