December 15th, 2006


Night on Kentish Town Road

Gig was good, even though I couldn't hear what I was playing (but that's often the case in that kind of situation). Thanks again xxkellyxx for everything.

On the way back stopped in Quinn's to say Happy Birfday to _noizeboy_. Feeling a bit guilty that i didn't also go to say happy birthday to andyravensable but that would have been way more complicated and I was knackered. Came back home and now there's some screaming girl scene (several screaming girls) outside. Maybe Attenborough should do a programme on the wild life on Kentish Town Road.
humped zebra

A sobering thought?

None of that. Instead, happy birthday, Mr andyravensable!

And on the birthday note, there is more celebrations for birthdays tonight.. the Whooppocalypse * is looming near...

( *: no, it is not a new dance craze from Trinidad)

blast, I keep mistakenly putting the tags in the 'music' field. LJ are becoming like supermarkets, they can't leave well alone, harrmpf, harrmpf....
whitby gull

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Friends facing a very difficult situation -and the biggest sorrow you could possibly have.

A thought going to them. Courage.