December 27th, 2006


the post christmas grey goo days...

Christmas was good, after all. First xmas I spend in the UK for, I don't know, perhaps ten years. I thought I'd end up propping the bar at the Dev, the only customer on xmas eve, mumbling into my drink, cue trembling violins, etc. Instead had a lovely Nochebuena dinner with Heidi and the day after saw the fabulous xmas dinner at redlaurie and mark13. And yes, Laurie is a chef, I can bear witness to this. Food was fantastic. I'm intrigued that she can cook meat so well when she's herself a veggie. Very good company. There are some pictures here.

Boxing Day was very quiet. In the evening I met with rricardouk for a drink in Quinn's; briefly saw indigo_violet and silkyraven there. Today will be spent just pottering doing things in the house.

And, Happy Birthday, edwards!