January 2nd, 2007


Saddam won, I'm afraid.

I do not want to see that famous video. I resent that even the BBC wanted to force it on me and I had to run to the remote control to turn the thing off. I know the guy was a bastard but I do not need him dying in my personal space. Furthermore, as reported here (and yes, it is the Guardian so you can discard it as pinko lefty bleeding heart liberal mush), "Saddam's killers have achieved the impossible: they have made us feel sympathy for him, for his grace under pressure. There may not have been dignity in the dying, but there was courage. A five-star death.".

Exactly my thoughts. In the meantime, Bush was sleeping soundly. Like an innocent baby. What angers me is not so much the manner of the death of Saddam (although I do not believe in death penalty -I do not think i'm prepared to judge who can live and who can die so I'm not prepared to delegate that decision on Bush or Blair), but the price that this exacted in, so far, tens or hundreds of thousands of lives of people who were, for the most part, just minding their own business, pawns in the game of the powerful.