February 12th, 2007


happy mondays....

Came back from the Dev at about 12:30, must have gone to bed at about 1:30. Why did I wake up (needlessly) before 7:00 am? My first lesson is only at 10:00. Bah.

Week-end was good, although slightly marred by stress, the causes of which I cannot do much more about than sit and wait for developments for now.

I seem to have a good chunk of today quite free. If anyone wants to meet for lunch or something, giz a shout.
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beautiful young girl overall person

If you're in the market for either a sex doll or perhaps the total obliteration of the English language, you might want to have a look at this commodity synopsis coming from honorable person's sextual affection.
seen in The Register. I'm not yet in the market for a plastic beautiful young girl overall person... even if (or perhaps particularly if) she has '100% honorable person's entire meat skin nature...' ew..


That is one ugly name for a club/bar. There was an interesting gig last night there, where there were playing a few bands including Patricide, -Un and Leechwoman. Mostly what people used to call (still call) 'experimental', which is no longer ground breaking (I thnk I saw the first performance of that kind in 1975...) but it is still very good to see, nonetheless, people making music which is out of the ordinary. I'm not going to attempt a review, which morbidfrog did much better here(with photos), but it was good to see some different stuff. Liked what Robert was doing (solo drum kit doing very simple but very intense stuff against an electronic or electro-acoustic backdrop). Leechwoman was a revelation, something like a noise band with guitars (much sori if they think of themselves as a metal band of some sort, that's what I got from them and I liked it). I'm glad I went.
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    leechwoman on their myspac* page
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