March 2nd, 2007


meanders in the river of life

Teaching in Watford at the moment, visiting Heidi (who is now redd_foxx at her shop to talk about livejournal. No, really.

Tonight, there should have been a further two lessons but both are cancelled. May call at the Dev later, or at Dead and Buried for a short while. May go to Inferno for a bit, don't know yet. It'd do me good to dance like an idiot for a while. What do you mean, I cannot do it any other way?

Have taken over Katerina's room and sorting it out as a study/studio/teaching room. It is already full of stuff and I haven't put half the stuff I need in there. My bedroom still looks like a bombsite, even worse than usual. Hope to sort that out over the week-end...

so, maybe see some of you a little later...
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