March 21st, 2007

slippery when wet

texties and wine...

Now, who sends me a group text (to the whole of their address book) extolling the virtues of wine and the fact that it is fruit and therefore has the benefit of vitamins? And then wishing a healthy life and lots of vitamins:)

Now, let me guess who this was... :)


I shouted at the postman. Bad Flavio, bad.

I'm standing behind the front door, waiting for pupil to arrive. I see through the glass the postman stand in front of the door and, without bothering to ring the bell, start to push a failed delivery card through my letter-box (here's one we made earlier...). So I run to open the door and shout at him that I'm in. He shouts back not to shout and I shout something again, he steps in and shakes his fist and I tell him (perhaps in a loud voice..) that he's trespassing and to get out.

Now, falling out with your postman is not a healthy thing to do and I'm worried if I will ever get mail again :O