April 27th, 2007



Mstislav Rostropovich has died . The Russian conductor and cellist was a world-renown figure in the field of classical music. Curiously, I met him once while I was playing in a restaurant in Watford about nine or ten years ago and he was recording with an orchestra locally. A very warm character, one of the last of the old school virtuosi and a very interesting person.
whitby gull


Well, this is Whitby, again, after a long time. The drive here went quite smoothly, we made about 5 1/2 hours. I spent some time at the Elsinore, inevitably, tried to have a peek at the Little Angel but it was rammed and when I went back to the Elsie it was impossible to get in so we went to the Endeavour, where I met ... way too many people to list.... special mention , though, to miss_amethyst and rainbowskye who I hadn't seen for a long time.. drank quite a bit but feel quite fresh today -well, I didn't go to any after-parties but came back 'home' as I was a bit tired from the drive and not enough sleep the night before.

Let's see what today brings...