April 30th, 2007


back from whitby....

Quickly between lessons....

Just back a short while ago from Whitby. Quite tired after the long drive -of which I suspect that every speed camera along the way now knows me. I did manage to sleep six hours last night, though. A more detailed report will follow at some point when I'm not both busy and dead tired. Some highlights for me included toripink's band Rome Burns and inferis's band D.U.S.T., as well as innumerable moments at the pub (or one or other of the pubs) with the usual suspects, laughing at jokes that at any other occcasion would have made me cringe... Amongst the things I did not do this time: climb up to the Abbey, particularly not in the middle of the night under the influence of alcohol, etc,

Photos will follow when I get a chance to sort the more than 1200 pics I took -most are rubbish, of course, but it still needs to be done....
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