May 12th, 2007

slippery when wet

so I did go to B-Movie after all...

... and I had a very good time indeed -thanks muchly, s0b! It must have been the longest I've eked out a pint of Guinness but I'm glad I went, it was a blast even though it was very packed. Also, might consider taking some wire-cutters with me next time and do something about the music downstairs!:D (not entirely serious on this one!). And thanks also to ravenstoker and deinelakaien for the dinner invite, that was much enjoyed. Pictures of the latter may follow.

I woke up at some point and looked at my watch, it read 7:00 am so I was going to roll back to sleep when I saw the alarm clock reading 10:59 am.... first lesson at 11:00 am.... ohnoes, cue frantic struggle with shoes and trousers until I notice the text message in my phone. He can't make the lesson today as he's ill... phew...

lovely day outside ... wind and rain lashing against the window...
flav has  left the chat

the changing faces of the day

Still horrible out there.

While it wasn't I went out for a couple of errands and to the market to say hello to mark13 and get an 'Enemy' t-shirt from him (see them here, get them while they're hot, each of these unique t-shirts numbered -Where's my comission, Mark?:P. On the way back I got very rained upon, it is pretty horrible out there.

On a related subject, redlaurie, sorry to hear about your back, hope you get better very soon -and Mark did not disappear, he's just out there earning the money for the food and cigarettes:P