May 23rd, 2007


happy wednesday..

This weather makes me homesick.

Funny, winter never makes me think 'this is 'orrible, it's nice back in Vz'. But a day like this, warm but not too hot (any hotter than this I find uncomfortable) reminds me of how it is almost all year round in CCS....
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flav posterised

a lovely sunny morning

... which involved a few errands, bank stuff, letting agents' stuff, putting my guitar lessons'* little flyer in a few shop windows, giving out the guitar playing flyer to a few posh restaurants and the like (one can hope), breakfast at the Rustique Literary Cafe in Tufnell Park, whcih I like, and a couple of long walks in the sun while doing all those things.

Now a million phone calls to make and a few lessons into the evening....

This is perhaps one where I show my 'foreignness' to the English language, I'm never quite sure whether it should be 'guitar lessons ad', 'with or without apostrophes, I understand it is not quite right to put apostrophes after plural so it cannot be 'guitar lessons's ad', etc... a failed Lynn Truss moment....
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