June 12th, 2007

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tuesday; unconnected things

Still in Watford. A number of lessons cancelled, lots of kids not turning up this morning at the WBGS for their lessons. Some days you do wonder.

Ok, so flatmate finally paid his rent for this month (only a week late). I'm still pondering about all this and whether I may have to move. I told a couple of pupils about the flat near Queens' Crescent. One, a teenage boy, said "you will be alright. It would be much more dangerous for me". And, indeed, I need a place where my pupils feel it is safe to go. A kid with a guitar on his or her back might indeed be more vulnerable in a place like that (than me, that is). I need to stay near where my current pupil base is, though.

With my mind preoccupied on matters related to housing, etc, I've only just realised that Invocation and Slaughterhaus5 fall on the same night. Uh-uh. Would like to go to both (must be one of the very few people who would enjoy both these clubs). We'll see...

In anohher completely unrelated note....

..Happy Birthday, darcy_!!