June 18th, 2007

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from the week-end

First of all, congratulations and thanks to those fine chaps chris_damage and aliasrob for Slaughterhaus 5, which was an excellent night. I suppose I'll have to read the book now...:P

Yesterday was, alas, a normal working day, with four 'away' lessons. I called in the Dev in the evening to find practically no-one I knew (apart from gothbabe & friend, who were leaving...)and almost nobody, period. The place was quite empty. That feeling that there was something more exciting happening elsewhere and nobody remembered to tell you about it...

stokefest -

A few pictures here of the very short time I spent at the Stokefest the previous week-end, in the company of lydiamorgan and badusernametag


poggs bday drinks quinns 07

A couple of pictures from Thursday's Sluts' meet in Quinn's and celebration of poggs's birthday....