June 21st, 2007

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Happy Birthday, delomelas!!!

Safe in the knowledge that you'll have a fantastic day!! (chobiraptor will see to that!! cake! pint!)

Apart from that, back from the Dev and then the Elephant's, a couple of pints with panzerbjrn and cyberglamour and a good catch up and conversation with them and, before that, with other people in the Dev, featuring kasetnik and intellectronica , who I seldom see, and a whole lot more. A good evening.

Still stressed about house situation. Tomorrow, a few lessons. The week-end may bring good things and it is not far away. Good night..
dreamscape with moon 1

Happy Solstice....

I imagine the meeting in Parliament Hill to celebrate the solstice is in progress as I write this. I am just about to set out for Parliament Hill... but, unfortunately, not for that, but for a lesson. Then another lesson in Hendon Way. Then....