June 27th, 2007

very young flav

coming birthday and stuff

Ok, so it is that time of year again.. On the 14th of July it is my birthday yet again and I think it will be the old Bin Tang dinner followed by Quinn's, as is now traditional. There are only a couple of problemettes. My birthday is on Saturday the 14th, which is a Saturday and when I understand there is at least one other friend's birthday celebration. So it probably would be better on the Friday or the Sunday. If I remember correctly, that Sunday is seamus666's Frock Barbeque, so perhaps not Sunday . The only drawback with the Friday, which is an excellent date, it being Friday the 13th no less, is that the restaurant might not be happy to be letting out the garden on their busiest day of the week. Soo... my preferred option is the Friday, but I would like to know who's coming, for those reasons and to give the restaurant an estimate of numbers. So please let me know if you're coming.

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