July 6th, 2007



Last night I went to the Bolivar Hall of the Venezuelan Embassy in London to see a concert by Luis Quintero, or Lucho as we used to know him, astounding Venezuelan classical guitarist who was giving a concert at the Bolly Hall as part of the celebrations for Vz's Independence Day, the 5th of July. It was very good to see Lucho after twenty years, although it was also a very odd feeling to see that the child prodigy (and so much younger than me) in our guitar class at the Conservatoire where I studied was a man of forty-something with more white hair than I have.

Then I headed off to Stoke Newington to make a brief cameo appearance at the birthday dinner for badusernametag at YumYum's. I didn't partake in the dinner as I arrived so late (I also had less than fifteen quid in my pocket so it would have been a bit difficult anyway) but I wanted to come say happy birthday in person. I also followed Marie Antoinette's precept for struggling artists plebs like myself, and so ate cake.

Photos of both events will follow.

As for the jury summons... I received a lot of advice about that last night. We'll see. Until I hand the form back and get to know what's happening, I just won't know; the jury's out on that one... aarggh...


... I forgot to mention that I learnt all sort of useful things last night, mostly from blackberryqueen, like for instance about the existence of the dwarf truffle pigs and why I need one and how it could change my life....

On a more painful note, on my way back home I saw the headline of the Ham&High... "Savage Dog Chews Man's Testicles". Ouch.