July 16th, 2007

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Happy Birthday, allezbleu!

Have a lovely day!
(sounds good so far)

My own b'day wasn't so bad. The dinner on Friday went very well (there's pictures somewhere), after that we went to Quinn's, then to the Dev and managed to avert a possible incident caused by a very drunk friend. Saturday was a working day, full of lessons here and away. When I was free I headed for Stoke Newington to see whether I could still catch the end of seamus666's picnic but that was not to be, so visited a friend in the area instead and went to miss_soap's birthday party at EQ, which was very good; finally, went to the Slimeblight, to meet with silkyfish, dj_gassmann and a bunch of people there, saw Asche's show, which was very good and went home relatively early (ok, very early, before 3:00 am) as I had lessons on Sunday.